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Call for applications: Short-term research fellowship in the UK under the NAFOSTED - UK Academies collaboration programme

29/11/2016 - 14:06
In 2016, within the framework of the Newton Fund Vietnam, the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) and the British Academy (BA) and the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) (UK Academies) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the delivery of the “Researcher mobility grants’’ between Vietnam and the UK phase 2. In accordance with this MoU, Vietnamese scientists working in the fields of Natural sciences, Engineering, Social sciences & Humanities will have opportunities to undertake short-term (from one to six months) research in the UK with the funding from NAFOSTED.
NAFOSTED is currently calling for applications to join this partnership programme. Applications for this second call in 2016 can be received during the period from 21 October to 30 November 2016 and will be evaluated as soon as the submission is received.

A. Application documents: 

Vietnamese researchers are invited to submit to NAFOSTED the following documents as per the regulations on the national scientific and technological capability support activities:
a)     An application form certified by the employer organization, as per Template NCNLQG 06.
b)    Recommendation letters of two scientists, as per Template NCNLQG 07. The introducers must have the same speciality as the applicant, hold a PhD degree and have had research published in prestigious international journals within the last five years.
c)     An invitation letter from a partner science organization for the research collaboration or a letter from a foreign scientist confirming the scientific supervision, which specifies the location, time, research contents and responsibility of the relevant costs.
d)    A research proposal to be carried out at the foreign partner science organization (detailing: objectives, significance, rationale for the visit, research contents and methodology, work plan and expected results) that has been accepted by the foreign scientist. The proposal must clearly highlight the impacts of the fellowship on the science and technology exchanges and international integration in order to enhance the applicant’s professional research capability;
e)     Scientific profile of the applicant, as per Template NCNLQG 02.
f)     Supporting documents that prove the applicant’s eligibility, as per Circular 09/2015/TT-BKHCN dated 15 May 2015 on management of the national scientific and technological capability support activities of NAFOSTED.
g)    Proposed funding request to NAFOSTED, which specifies any expenses to be sponsored by the foreign partner (if any), as per Template  NCNLQG 08.

B.  Assessment criteria:
-         Merit of the research proposal.
-         Professional competencies of the applicant and the foreign partner in order to complete the fellowship successfully.
-         Impacts of the fellowship on the improvement of the applicant’s professional research capability and the scientific research collaboration.

Note: Please specify ‘’Application for the NAFOSTED - The UK Academies partnership programme’’ in the application submitted to NAFOSTED. Applicants of such a collaboration programme between the NAFOSTED and foreign partners can skip or edit parts about the existing research project in the research proposal and the template of the recommendation letter.
Applicants must submit a hard copy of the  application to NAFOSTED at the following address:
NAFOSTED Office, No. 39, Tran Hung Dao street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi. Applications sent by post will be received as per the postmark.

Further information about the conditions, support schemes and other information related to the national scientific and technological capability support activities are posted here.

For more information about The UK Academies: 
-       British Academy: 
-       Royal Academy of Engineering:

Ms. Hoang Thanh VAN, International Collaboration Officer
Email:; Tel: 04. 36331051

* The Newton Fund Vietnam is a research and innovation partnership programme between the Government of Vietnam and the Government of the UK over seven years (2014-2021). The “Researcher mobility” programme is one of schemes under the Newton Fund. 

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